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POSTED ON April 02nd, 2012

Read Hillary Hauser’s 2/15/2011 Memorial tribute to Mike deGruy here!
Read all about Mike’s work on his website here!

Mike deGruy

There is no way to describe our intense sorrow in hearing that world-acclaimed underwater photographer, filmmaker and ocean advocate Mike deGruy was killed on Friday, February 3, 2012, in a helicopter crash off the coast of Australia. By now, many of you know Mike was working pre-production on a film for James Cameron, and was with pilot Andrew Wight, a well-respected adventurer and filmmaker at the time of the crash. Mike was well loved in HTO’s family. He came onto HTO’s advisory board in 2004, helped with our offshore dives on sewer outfalls, and served as emcee or did stage presentations at our public functions. Mainly, he encouraged us with his go-gettum spirit, his fabulous smile and happiness. We send all our love and prayers to his wife Mimi, and children, Max and Frances. If you want to send a card to the family through HTO, please send through the office (address below). For news accounts, click here or here.

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